FAQs about Vehicle Breakdown Recovery




FAQs about Vehicle Breakdown Recovery


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Demystifying the intricacies of vehicle breakdown coverage, this article addresses some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) pertaining to this essential safety net for motorists.

It sheds light on varied levels of cover, the working of breakdown recovery, unique provisions for caravans and trailers, and the offerings of well-known providers such as RAC.

Utilise this resource to upgrade your level of understanding about breakdown cover policies and their significance.

Breakdown Cover Companies in the UK

This list provides an overview of some prominent breakdown cover companies in the UK. Be sure to visit their respective websites and compare cover options before making a decision.

What is breakdown cover and why is it essential?

The principle of breakdown cover

Breakdown cover, at its core, offers peace of mind and support to motorists, anywhere in the UK or across Europe. It pledges to assist you if your vehicle breaks down, effectively transforming an otherwise distressing situation into a manageable inconvenience. Insurance providers, like RAC, endeavour to fix your vehicle at the roadside, but if this is not feasible, they ensure vehicle recovery to a local garage or a destination of your choice.

The importance of breakdown cover

The sheer unpredictability of vehicle breakdowns makes breakdown cover options not just a luxury, but a necessity. Depending on the level of cover you choose, cover includes, amongst other benefits, roadside assistance, overnight accommodation, alternative travel and even recovery of passengers to your home address.

Levels of breakdown cover

The cover level you opt for dictates the extent of service you receive. Choices typically range from the basic roadside assistance to higher tiers such as personal cover and European breakdown cover. Each breakdown cover level is designed to cater to varying requirements, thereby allowing flexibility and autonomy to the policyholders.

What are the different levels of breakdown cover offered?

Roadside assistance breakdown cover

As the most fundamental level of vehicle cover, roadside assistance pledges to repair your vehicle at the site of the breakdown. However, if repairs can’t be concluded within a reasonable time frame, the service includes vehicle recovery to a nearby garage.

Personal cover breakdown service

More comprehensive than the basic cover, personal breakdown cover protects you as a passenger or a driver in any vehicle, offering flexibility and convenience. Regardless of whether you’re in your vehicle or not, you can call us for assistance.

European breakdown cover option

If you travel across Europe, a European breakdown cover caters to you. Bracing you against vehicle breakdowns abroad, it ensures that your journey continues unhindered with provisions for vehicle repair, recovery, or even overnight accommodation if necessary.

How does breakdown recovery work in the event of a breakdown?

Process of calling for a breakdown cover service

Initialising breakdown recovery is as straightforward as a phone call. In the event of a breakdown, all you need to do is contact us. Our trained professionals will reach you and attempt to fix your vehicle on the spot.

What occurs when your vehicle breaks down

Once you’ve alerted the breakdown service, the goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Typically, the team first tries to fix your vehicle at the site. If this isn’t feasible, your car is transported to a nearby garage for necessary repairs.

Vehicle recovery and the ‘10-mile rule’

In certain cover levels, if your vehicle can’t be repaired on the same day, it is moved within 10 miles of your chosen location. The same applies if your vehicle breaks down within a mile from your home address, underlining the customer-centric approach of car breakdown services.

What extras are provided for caravans and trailers under breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover for your caravan or trailer

Several breakdown cover policies extend their assurance to caravans and trailers too. These services save caravan owners from paying hefty costs out of pocket in the case of a breakdown.

Unique benefits for caravan owners

One of the attractive benefits for caravan owners is that the vehicle is covered irrespective of its weight, as long as it doesn’t exceed 3.5 tonnes. Additionally, provisions are made for a spare wheel, giving owners an added layer of protection.

Limitations and special considerations

While the cover extends to caravans and trailers, it’s crucial to understand the implications before settling for a policy. We recommend thoroughly reading the policy documents for clarity on the constraints.

Does RAC offer European breakdown cover?

Basics of European breakdown cover

European breakdown cover assures seamless travel for motorists exploring Europe. When abroad, it can be challenging to find repair services, making European cover particularly important.

What RAC’s European cover includes

Renowned breakdown cover providers like RAC offer European breakdown cover which includes breakdown recovery, accommodation, and replacement parts delivery. It’s a comprehensive package liking to be a boon for those hitting the European roads.

Understanding limitations and restrictions

Despite providing extensive coverage, some restrictions apply on the European cover. For instance, some countries may not be covered, or certain services may involve extra charges. As such, careful scrutiny of all policy documents before signing up is highly advised.

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