Understanding EV Breakdown: A Guide to Electric Vehicle Recovery and Roadside Assistance




Understanding EV Breakdown


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The evolution of the automotive industry has led to a significant increase in the use of electric vehicles (EVs). As EV usage grows, so does the necessity for resources like EV breakdown recovery and roadside assistance. This guide offers an in-depth understanding of these vital services necessary for any EV driver.

What is Breakdown Cover for an Electric Vehicle?

About Electric Car Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover for an electric car is a type of vehicle insurance that ensures EV drivers are never left stranded in case of an electrical or mechanical failure. Cover includes services like roadside repair or tow to the nearest charge point or car service station. Both hybrid and electric cars can be included in the vehicle breakdown cover.

Importance of EV Breakdown Cover

The importance of EV breakdown cover cannot be overstated. Imagine you’re on a long drive in your Nissan Leaf or Tesla, and you run out of battery or face a high voltage issue. In these scenarios, having an EV breakdown cover in place ensures you are in safe hands. It initiates immediate roadside assistance or alternatively, could provide alternative travel arrangements, ensuring you reach your destination without much trouble.

What to Consider When Buying Breakdown Cover for Your EV

When deciding to buy breakdown cover for your EV, take into account the level of cover it offers, whether your EV boost is included, and if breakdown assistance and recovery are part of the plan. Check whether the breakdown cover includes hybrid and electric vehicles, as some providers like RAC or Green Flag have EV-specific plans. An electric vehicle cover must offer comprehensive assistance to be truly beneficial.

Top Reasons for Electric Vehicle Breakdowns and Solutions

1Battery-related IssuesRegularly monitor battery health. Charge EVs as recommended and replace faulty batteries promptly.
2Software GlitchesKeep software updated. Seek professional assistance in case of persistent issues.
3Charging Infrastructure FailuresPlan routes with reliable charging stations. Carry portable chargers for emergencies.
4Tire and Wheel ProblemsRegularly check tire pressure and tread. Have a spare tire and necessary tools for quick changes.
5Electric Motor FailuresSchedule routine maintenance. Address unusual sounds or performance issues promptly.
6OverheatingMonitor vehicle temperature. Avoid prolonged high-speed driving in hot conditions.
7Faulty Charging CablesInspect charging cables regularly. Replace damaged cables immediately.
8Cooling System IssuesCheck and maintain the cooling system. Address any leaks or malfunctions promptly.
9Brake System FailuresRegularly check brake fluid levels and brake pads. Seek professional inspection if needed.
10HVAC System MalfunctionsService the HVAC system regularly. Address strange odors or unusual noises promptly.
11Faulty Electrical ComponentsConduct regular diagnostics. Replace faulty components to prevent system failures.
12Inadequate Vehicle MaintenanceAdhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Keep records of services and inspections.
13Roadside Assistance Access IssuesEnsure your EV service provider offers 24/7 roadside assistance. Keep contact information accessible.
14Insufficient Knowledge of EV FeaturesFamiliarize yourself with the EV’s manual. Attend training sessions or workshops if available.
15Extreme Weather ConditionsPlan routes carefully during extreme weather. Carry emergency supplies in the vehicle.

What to Do in Case of an Electric Car Breakdown?

Initial Steps to Follow at the Roadside after an EV Breakdown

In the unfortunate event of an EV breakdown, stay calm and switch on your hazard lights to alert other drivers. Call your roadside assistance provider immediately. While waiting for them, it’s recommended to stay inside your electric vehicle for safety reasons if possible.

Getting your Electric Car Back on the Road

Once roadside assistance arrives, they may either fix the issue on the spot or tow your EV to the nearest garage if it requires more delicate or complex treatment. Some breakdown cover starts by offering an EV boost, getting you back on the road quickly when you’ve run out of battery.

When to Tow an Electric Car?

Not all scenarios require you to tow an electric car. If the trouble is something minor that can be fixed by a patrol on the spot, towing might not be necessary. However, complex issues, especially those involving high voltage components, require the car to be taken to a professional garage with necessary safety measures in place.

Different Aspects of Roadside Assistance for EVs

How Does Roadside Assistance Work for EV?

The working of roadside assistance for EVs is akin to that of petrol or diesel vehicles. The main difference lies in the additional equipment and skills required to handle high voltage systems present in EVs. Some providers even have specially converted EV rescue vehicles for this purpose.

Benefits of EV Roadside Assistance

EV roadside assistance benefits EV drivers by providing swift, dependable aid during an emergency. The cover includes specific services tailored to EV common problems, such as running out of battery. Furthermore, knowing you can call for help puts your mind at ease while you drive an electric vehicle.

Understanding Breakdown Assistance vs Roadside Assistance

While breakdown assistance generally involves repair services at your home or at the roadside, roadside assistance might go a step further, including recovery services where the EV is transported to a repair shop. Your level of cover in your car insurance determines the specifics of what is included in your plan.

Can All Types of Electric Vehicles be Covered?

Breakdown Cover for Different Models – Nissan Leaf, Tesla, Renault Zoe

Different models of electric cars like Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, and Tesla, can all be covered under EV breakdown cover. The terms may slightly vary depending on the vehicle’s specifics, but the overall objective remains the same – to offer comprehensive breakdown help to EV drivers.

Cover for Hybrid and Electric Cars

Breakdown cover includes electric and hybrid vehicles. These covers typically offer the same level of services for both types of vehicles. However, it is vital to confirm this with your provider when purchasing the cover.

Variations in Electric Vehicle Cover

While most breakdown and roadside assistance providers cover electric and hybrid vehicles, the level of assistance, limits of cover, and added benefits can vary significantly. Some include services tailored to EV-specific problems, like on-site charging or battery replacement. Always read the fine print before signing up for a cover.

Common FAQs about EV Breakdown and Assistance

What Happens if my Electric Car Batteries Run Out?

If your electric car batteries run out while driving, the first step is to alert other road users by switching on your hazard lights. Then, call your breakdown service provider. Some EV breakdown covers include services such as on-the-spot battery recharge or towing your car to the nearest charge point.

How to Get Your Electric Car to the Nearest Charge Point?

Running out of charge on the road is one of the biggest concerns of EV drivers. In such cases, breakdown assistance providers can either charge your electric car battery on the spot or tow you to the nearest charging station, depending on your vehicle cover and the severity of the situation.

Can You Tow an Electric Car?

Yes, you definitely can tow an electric car. However, it would be best if you only did so with professional assistance, considering the high voltage systems and other specificities of EVs. In such cases, your breakdown cover starts to show its real utility, helping you out in a correct and safe manner.

Are traditional tow trucks suitable for towing electric vehicles?

Traditional tow trucks may not be ideal due to the unique structure and weight distribution of EVs. Specialised recovery methods are recommended.

What are the common causes of electric vehicle breakdowns?

Electric vehicle breakdowns can be attributed to battery-related issues and software glitches, among other factors.

How can EV owners proactively prevent breakdowns?

Regular maintenance and early detection of potential issues are key to preventing breakdowns in electric vehicles.

Are there specific safety risks associated with electric vehicle breakdowns?

Yes, safety risks exist, and both recovery teams and EV occupants should follow protocols to ensure a secure roadside assistance experience.

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